New Neutrals

Editor's Note

To Our Readers,


Azure began as a hope for a broader fashion space at Yale—one that embodies inclusion, exploration, curiosity, and reflection. We are creating a place to push boundaries and rethink what fashion is and can be. 


That mission is encapsulated in our first theme: “New Neutrals.” Traditionally, neutrals “tone down” an ensemble, making it more demure, unobtrusive, safe. We are seeking to turn that idea on its head. By layering elements of color, texture, pattern, and shape, we give character to our clothing and presentation. New Neutrals utilize all of these qualities—vibrant colors, pattern mixing, and layering of disparate textures—and pushes for experimentation, subversion, boldness, and expression in the clothes we wear. Fashion is about celebrating life, and our new neutrals are full of it. 


In this issue, our writers explore topics from the gender binary in fashion to the relationship between contemporary fashion and traditional textiles. 

We hope you too feel encouraged to subvert the expected. 



Lily Canfield, Mary Chen, Hailey Andrews, Beasie Goddu, Malini Wimmer


Igniting Femininity Across the Gender Spectrum

by Beasie Goddu and Malini Wimmer

In its cover photo of Christy Turlington, Christy comes first. Perhaps this is why for these two Azure Editors Hommegirls feels like home. It’s a label that embraces every part of us—feminine and masculine—and makes us feel sexy as hell.

My Year of Cows, Blazers,

and Contemplation

by Hero Magnus
Velvet, vintage, cows, contemplation. Staff writer Hero Magnus explores the many lives she—and her clothes—have lived this year.